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WINNER - Official Lightstick (Gen 1. B/W Ver)!

PRICE: 18,000KRW


Ji really wants it…

The name of the album is. Just like it says, it’s about love. There isn’t a specific concept. I just wanted to put myself into the album. I wanted to make an album of a quality which I can confidently say, “I am a musician”. I want to become a happy, gentle, and humorous musician. #LetsTalkAboutSeungr1 #1stAnniversary #140819


member of bigbang with the best ass

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  • lee seunghyun
  • Victory
  • V.I
  • Seungchan
“(Shocked) Why do you ask that? Does it look like we don’t get along well? Seungri is my beloved little brother. I gotta take good care of him. I love him.”
Taeyang (after a fan asked him if he was good w/ Seungri) (140820 Rise Tour in Kobe - transsusifg)
How much do you know about each other?


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friend: why do you like kpop if you don’t understand korean?



hat on vs. hat off

"BIGBANG 8th anniversary !! Keep 8ollowing me(us) ~!!" -DaeSung-

"Is it real 8th anniversary.. We have many things to be done yet ^_^ Always thank you !"

"Those who have been with BIGBANG for 8 years ! Thank you ! For happy tomorrow(days) ahead !!"

"8th anniversary.. I’m still strong/lively…!"

"To celebrate 8th anni ! Let’s meet each other now.. I can’t wait any more.. Let us meet" -SR-

Trans cr. ShrimpLJY


140818 Seungri in Bali

Earnchen: Dinner with @senghooong @seungriseyo @adindabakrieong at @lilin.bali in @pttheadbali

adindabakrieong: Annyeong haseo! 👊 Bang! 😄 cool dinner guest at cool PHBC! @pttheadbali @senghooong

riri showing his fave hyung some love.